Does Mental Weight Cause Procrastination?

Resolution no. 1: Time to lose weight!
Image by kizette via Flickr

This is the question that John Pitlick discuses in his article at

Does the mental anguish caused by not completing things cause you to not enjoy yourself?  In the article he explains:

“… let me tell you about a dangerous side effect of procrastination. I call it ‘mental weight’. ‘Mental weight’ is the weight you feel on your brain for having a whole lot of things left unfinished that you need to do but are procrastinating on.

An example is warranted here because it will crystallize your understanding of what I’m saying. Suppose you want to go watch a movie with your family but you’ve got some “honey due” chores left unfinished such as mowing the lawn, fixing the car, and cleaning the garage.

While at the movie, it may be harder for you to enjoy the movie if your mind is wandering because you may be thinking about all your unfinished work back at the house. This is doubly bad. Why? It’s doubly bad because instead of enjoying the movie with your family, you were distracted by the ‘mental weight’ of your brain gravitating toward your unfinished “honey due” list AND when you arrive back at home, you still have to do those same chores that lessened your movie experience!”

So what is the solution?  Action!  Yes, it’s that simple.  Do something, anything just keep moving.  Some action is better than no action.  John has a lot more of the details, so go take a read and let me know what you think.