Are Your Loved Ones Holding You Back?

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When you decide it is finally time to make a change you are excited. You want to share that excitement with others.  So what most of us do is talk to our spouse, best friend or parents.  That’s normal, we share those important things in our life with those we care about and who care about us.

What we don’t expect, but unfortunately often happens, is criticism.  We expect support and a ‘good for you’ and a ‘how can I help’, but instead we get negative responses.  Were told that can’t work or you won’t be able to reach that goal or not to set your sights so high.

This is the time when we think to our self, “What in the world is going on!” Why are they not supporting me. I thought they cared about me.  What you have to realize is they do care.  They care a lot and don’t want to see you get hurt. They want you to succeed but

Bad Habits – Steps To Take Them Down!

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Image via WikipediaEveryone has a few bad habits they would like to get rid of but just can’t seem to do it.  Sometimes the simple things are the most effective.

Henrik Edberg has an article listing nine steps to stop a habit.  The short version is below.

1. Tell your friends and family.
2. Make it painful to not go through with it.
3. Listen to those who have gone where you want to go.
4. What will this lead to in 5 and 10 years?

Can Focusing On The Moment Provide The Key To Self Improvement?

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One of the common complaints about improving yourself is the application of the books you read.  Most of us don’t do it.  We don’t take the time to follow through with the exercises and complete the tasks of the first book before we are already reading another book that will be the one to provide the self improvement your looking for.  The truth is that you have to do more than read.  You need to take action and apply what you have learned.  But if you don’t all may not be lost.

Praveen Puri wrote about something that happened to him that has also happened to me.  One day you just ‘got it’.  Specifically he stated:

Do Something That Is Worth Talking About Tomorrow

I watched a great video by Montel Williams the other day and wanted to share it with you.  The take away is “What have you done today that is worth talking about tomorrow?”

I would like you to try an experiment.

Set out to do at least one thing each day this week that would be worthy of talking about tomorrow.

Each night write it down.

On Saturday

Is Lack Of Motivation Normal?

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Motivation.  We here it all the time.  You need motivation for this and you need motivation for that… etc.  Why is this such a huge issue.  Is it a real issue or just part of the nature of man.  Steve Errey has a good article dealing with motivation called Beyond Motivation:  Getting to What Really Drives You.

While the article primarily deals with writing, it has many parallels to the rest of your world.  Here is the piece that stood out for me.

Self Improvement Myths

When you are on the path for self improvement you will find a lot of advice.  Most people are trying to help, but others, while thinking they are helping are actually making it more difficult for you improve. Like everything…

Office Etiquette Considerations

I am amazed at the continual lack of office etiquette that I see everyday.  This should not only be a required class in high school, but in college and part of every new employee training session.  Office etiquette will be…