Can A Test Uncover Why You Procrastinate?

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Dr. Bill Knaus EdD believes it can.  In an article on, he states:

“The Procrastination Test is a set of self-assessment questions that spotlight areas of changeable procrastination thinking, emotions, and behavior. After you identify your procrastination hot spots I’ll give you to links to remedies.

Use the test to

Now That Your A Manager…

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There’s an interesting article by Meghan Casserly in Forbes magazine about being a first time manager that I wish I had read about 25 years ago.

Your a new Manager.  You’ve worked hard and it has finally paid off.  The career ladder works.  But, now what?  The article looks at some of the most common questions and asked a team of experts.

Here are the questions.
How friendly should you be with your team?
Is it better to delegate or be a hands-on boss?
Is honesty always the best policy, especially when managing up?
How should you decide on your replacement?

5 Steps To Giving Difficult Information

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I don’t think anyone really likes confrontation, which is the reason we hate telling people they did something wrong.  We want people to like us and get along with each other.  Following the steps below will allow you to stay focused, remove the confrontation, and get others to maybe even thank you.

1. Pre plan.  Know the objective of the conversation.  You need to stay focused so you don’t get taken off topic.

2. Describe the behavior.  Limit the conversation to the behavior that needs to be changed. Don’t make this about personalities or other things you may not like.  Stay focused on the specific behavior that needs to be addressed.

8 Steps To A Jedi Mind

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If you are familiar with the Star Wars movies you know that a disciplined mind is a fundamental requirement to becoming a Jedi. While it sounds easy, it takes knowledge of what to do and practice.

Relax~Relate~Let Go has steps that will help anyone on their journey to having a Jedi mind.

1. Clean up the clutter around you. Keep the external distractions to a minimum.

2. Clear your mind of unnecessary worries.  Use daily meditation to stop unneeded worrying.

3. Talk back the the unconscious mind. Learn how to talk to yourself to create inner power.

You Are Judged More By How You Say Something Than What You Say

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I see this happen almost every day. Someone says something that makes someone else upset and the result is conflict. Usually a big conflict that rarely stays with just those two people. The sad truth is it could have easily been avoided if each of them would have paid attention to how they said the words.

Goodselfme wrote an article that points out several of the biggest communication issues I see regularly. While these lessons usually happen in the work place, the lessons could also help you and your kids at home.  If kids were taught this at school, life at home would have a lot less conflict.

It is not only what you say, but how you say it and when you say it.
Listening is a lost art. When someone is talking, let them finish before you interrupt. It can be hard, especially if the person you are with likes to talk, but it will show that you respect the person.  Show interest in what the person is saying.  Don’t you always hate it when

Having Trouble Staying Motivated? It May Be Time To Review Your Goals

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We have all heard it, most of us have said it – often.  “If only I could get motivated.”  Motivation has become the cure for almost everything you want to accomplish.

I need to drop 50 pounds – I wish I was more motivated to diet and exercise.

I hate my job, it just sucks – I wish I was more motivated to find another job.

I, well I think you get the idea.  I was reading an article by Seth Czerepak that put an interesting perspective on motivation that I think everyone who is lacking in motivation should consider.

If you really lack motivation and nothing seems to inspire you to change then perhaps your not

How To Tell People They Suck Without Them Getting Upset

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OK, the politically correct way to say this is that you are providing ‘constructive criticism’.  But lets get real, most of the time you just want to scream in their face just how much they really suck at their job.

Reality is that you still need to work with this person and try to turn them into a productive person – who doesn’t suck. To do this you need to figure out the best way to provide this constructive criticism without them getting upset.  If you are dealing with an existing employee, you will need to use the trial and error method to figure out what works.

If you are fortunate enough

How To Not Be Successful

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Everyone talks about what you should do to be a success, but seldom do people talk about what you should not do.  It was refreshing to find an article by Lorraine Pirihi that finally addresses this oversight.

I have learned more in my career and in life by observing what should not be done then I have from what should be done.  Here are the highlights.

  1. Set a poor example by not following what you have others do.
  2. Don’t invest in training yourself or others.
  3. Do everything in the moment, don’t plan for anything.
  4. Don’t exercise and eat a lot all the time.
  5. Spend your life at work.
  6. Ignore all customers.  If there is a problem they will let you know.
  7. Avoid making decisions or taking actions.  Things will just work out.
  8. Keep everything to yourself and don’t involve others in decisions.
  9. Let everyone interrupt you all day so nothing gets done.
  10. Don’t delegate anything, ever.