Does Mental Weight Cause Procrastination?

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This is the question that John Pitlick discuses in his article at

Does the mental anguish caused by not completing things cause you to not enjoy yourself?  In the article he explains:

“… let me tell you about a dangerous side effect of procrastination. I call it ‘mental weight’. ‘Mental weight’ is the weight you feel on your brain for having a whole lot of things left unfinished that you need to do but are procrastinating on.

An example is

Will A To Do List Organizer Increase Your Productivity?

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If you are considering using an electronic organizer/pda/smartphone  you should make a list of your needs.  Almost everyone needs a program that has categories, notes, descriptions and the ability to prioritize.  However, do you need to enter data on the device?  Is it for view only?  Do you need a desktop version?

There’s an article discussing this at

The two most important paragraphs state:

Motivation By Following Simple Rules

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There is a good article on motivation over at .  It has a refreshing look at the simple things we can do to stay motivated. From the article:

“You can drag yourself up the same way you can drag yourself down. It is a choice you have to make every, single day. Whenever you are faced with this conflict of choices, bring with you these tiny nuggets of wisdom on motivation.”

It goes on to discuss,

Use Your Intuition For Greater Self-Knowledge

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There is a good article on using intuition for self discovery over at

“By following through on your everyday hunches, you are actually taking test drives, virtually honing in on your listening skills. These skills will serve you well. Everyone is apparently somewhat psychic, but many people just have flabby psychic muscles.

Train Others To Be Less Needy

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Time management usually focuses on what you can do to better manage your time.  Over at they say you need to help others improve their time management so they stop interrupting you.

From the article

Motivation And Success – Review From Within

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Everyone wants to be a success at what they do.  Most however don’t have the motivation to get there.  Perhaps you need to understand yourself more so you can learn how to best motivate yourself.

Dibya’s blogsphere has an article called “The Key To Your Motivation and Success” that can assist you in this task.  From the article:

“When it comes to motivation one size does not fit all. One of the elements that makes human beings so endlessly fascinating is that we are all individuals. It is the primary reason our species has been so successful. It also means we each have different interests, goals, and motivation.

6 Skills Of Time Management

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Time management is often an elusive creature that many say they have master, yet upon inspection most find they have only temporarily tamed the beast. Because it is discussed so often it is hard to find simple information that can be implemented.  Harri Jussila, in the article “Time Management: Our Definition” laid out six skills that are the foundation of time management.

1. Managing goals is important because if we don’t know what we strive at, we are lost. When we define a goal, we know our direction. The doing then automatically starts to focus at the right direction.

2. Managing tasks is also needed, as we always end up with many goals and too many things to do. If we don’t manage our tasks, we forget important things, and miss deadlines.

5 Ways To Improve Yourself

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I’ve been ‘collecting’ ways to improve yourself from many years.  One of the ways is by sharing.  I will be providing these tips in bite size posts so you don’t get overwhelmed and try to do them all at once.  Add your own tips in the comments.

1.  Read every day.  It can be a book, magazine or e-book.  It doesn’t matter.  The more you read, the more you learn.

2. Learn a new language.  This will take you on a journey by itself.  As you learn the language you will develop new skills and learn about a new culture.

Are You Using Procrastination As A Reward?

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Richard Newman over at has and intriguing question.  Are we really rewarding our self when we procrastinate?  This is what he says.

“What if I told you that every time you procrastinate you are actually rewarding yourself?

It’s true.

When you procrastinate you are not only rewarding yourself with each choice to do something else — but when you end up pulling off that all-nighter it rewards your behavior as well.”

Motivational Quotes

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Not sure where I picked these up, but found them going through some material.  Hope you enjoy them.

The greatest achievement is to live up to one’s opportunities.

Commitment unlocks the doors of imagination and gives us the right stuff to turn our dreams into reality.

It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.