Train Others To Be Less Needy

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Image by ~Twon~ via Flickr

Time management usually focuses on what you can do to better manage your time.  Over at they say you need to help others improve their time management so they stop interrupting you.

From the article Time Management Training – Excuse Me, Do You Have a Quick Moment?

“Train those around you to have better time management skills. In the world of work it’s your job to train your interrupters to be less needy. Some people think that coming to you with every little thing represents their commitment to you and their respect for your knowledge. While this may be gratifying to your ego it doesn’t help the other person to develop and reach their potential. When you meet at the agreed upon time to handle their request think of ways to help them to resolve this on their own next time. That way they’re growing and developing, and you can increase your own personal productivity so you have time to grow and develop yourself.”