Tips And Tricks For Better Time Management

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Karen Burns has a classic article called “30 Smart Time Management Tips and Tricks“.  As you start to read through each one you will probably tell yourself that you already know them and be tempted to stop – DON’T!

Instead ask yourself how many are you regularly doing?  You may be surprised to find that while you know what to do, your often not doing it.

Here is a little exercise to help you.  Print out the list and go through each one.  If you are practicing it all the time, i.e. it has become habit, then put a check mark next to it.

Once you have this completed, go back through the list and choose the one or two things that would help you the most.  Focus on those until they become a habit.  Once they become a habit, choose one or two more and so on until the list is completed.

With each new habit that is formed you will find your better able to manage your time and enjoy life.  Oh, don’t forget to look at the “Bonus: Math Teacher Fail.” picture at the end of the list – I’m still laughing.