Do You Keep A Time Log?

Do you keep a time log?  I used to be really good at keeping a time log, the system I set up was so easy it became second nature.  What system?  Are you ready for it…I used a Palm Tungsten T3!  Yes, that would seem like a decade ago in electronic terms, but it worked.  I used the built in ‘shortcuts’ to write ‘dts’ using the graffiti keystrokes and today’s date and the current time would automatically be entered.  You have no idea how easy and productive this was.

I stopped using time logs when I stopped using the Palm T3.  I still have the device, can’t seem to part with it, but the digitizer has lost the ability to stay calibrated.  I’ve tried other PDA’s but I just have not been able to get as comfortable with them as the Palm.  It was so simple and just made sense to me.  I’ve looked at the Palm Pre, but there are two problems.  One, it is on the Sprint network and two, it is too small.  I know, not wanting a small device is almost sacrilege, but it’s true.  I also like to use a stylist!  The touch screens are cool to use, but for any type of productivity – I’ll take a stylist any day.

When I went back to paper and pen it just became too much of a hassle to keep a detailed time log.  However, this needs to change.  I need to bite the bullet for a week and just do it.  Steve Pavlina has a good post titled Triple Your Personal Productivity.  It’s a great article but what really got me back on this bandwagon was the section on keeping a detailed time log.  He has a few excellent suggestions that will help you with your time log.  It was also interesting that he states studies show the average office worker does only 1.5 hours of actual work per day. YIKES!