Awesome Time Management Key Strategies Resource

Surfing around the web I found a great reference site called IQMatrix.  They have a fantastic article on 44 Key Strategies.  The coolest thing is they have mind maps for each of the main areas.  Here’s a taste of what you will find in the article.

The Time Management Process

  1. Begin by Tracking Your Time
  2. Set SMART Goals
  3. Follow Up with Plans of Action
  4. Create Task Specific TO DO Lists
  5. Prioritize Your Tasks Accordingly
  6. Chunk Down Your Tasks
  7. Schedule Blocks of Time to do Tasks
  8. Stick to the 80 / 20 Rule
  9. Balance Your Routine

Effective Time Management Strategies

  1. Be Flexible with Your Time
  2. Be Inflexible with Setting Time Limits
  3. Organize Yourself
  4. Organize Your Environment
  5. Get Organized by Setting Reminders
  6. Identify Bad Habits

How to Gain More Time Throughout Your Day

Improve Critical Time Management Skill Areas

  1. Computer Literacy
  2. Creative Capacity
  3. Critical Thinking & Problem Solving Skills
  4. Delegating Ability
  5. Negotiation Skills
  6. Emotional Intelligence
  7. Multitasking Ability
  8. Decision Making Ability
  9. Speed of Reading

Techniques to Help You Gain More Time

  1. Utilize Affirmations
  2. Take Regular Breaks
  3. Learn to Say “No”
  4. Create Systems & Processes
  5. Eliminate Unnecessary Obligations & Tasks
  6. Commit to Constant Improvement

The Mindset of an Efficient Time Manager

  1. Critical Time Efficiency Questions
  2. Become an “Optimistic Realist”
  3. Become “Proactive” Rather than “Reactive”
  4. Apply Focused Concentration
  5. Don’t Seek Perfection
  6. Show Commitment & Discipline towards Completing Your Tasks
  7. Show an Enthusiastic Attitude

Common Time Wasting Activities

  1. Avoid the Habits of Procrastination & Laziness
  2. Avoid the Trap of “Waiting”
  3. Avoid Constant Disruptions
  4. Avoid the Habit of Just “Staying Busy”
  5. Avoid the Technology Trap
  6. Avoid these 3 Time Robbing Emotions

Just by reading the above you can get a lot of great ideas, but don’t be lazy and skip going to the actual page.  It has a lot more information for each of the items listed.