A Different Perspective On Time Management – Will It Work For You?

Liz Makin has an interesting take on time management.  Sometimes it is business issues that mask themselves behind what appear to be time management problems.  At first read this seemed like it was something most businesses would have reviewed, but now I’m not sure.  It is also interesting to review these from your own perspective.

  1. The wrong person doing the wrong job or process.
  2. Under resourcing..
  3. Inefficient processes and procedures.
  4. Delegation issues.
  5. Too many meetings.
  6. Lack of training.
  7. Inappropriate environment.
  8. Poorly defined roles and responsibilities.
  9. No clear plan or strategy.
  10. Not reacting to changing customer needs.

There were a few things I thought were time management issues that ‘magically’ went away when I reviewed them more closely.  Highlights are below, main article is at Makin It Happen – Coaching, Mentoring & Stress Management: Time Management – A Different Perspective