6 Skills Of Time Management

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Time management is often an elusive creature that many say they have master, yet upon inspection most find they have only temporarily tamed the beast. Because it is discussed so often it is hard to find simple information that can be implemented.  Harri Jussila, in the article “Time Management: Our Definition” laid out six skills that are the foundation of time management.

1. Managing goals is important because if we don’t know what we strive at, we are lost. When we define a goal, we know our direction. The doing then automatically starts to focus at the right direction.

2. Managing tasks is also needed, as we always end up with many goals and too many things to do. If we don’t manage our tasks, we forget important things, and miss deadlines.

3. Prioritizing complements task management, because time is limited. Prioritizing means putting things in an order of importance, and taking this importance in consideration when making decisions. The bottom line is that prioritizing skills help in situations where we have several things we should start doing. It answers the questions: what is most important to me, and what should I do next?

4. Calendar utilization. As a platform for managing appointments, we all need a calendar. The best solution for you is one you feel confident using.

5. Managing procrastination. We all know the situations when we just can’t bring ourselves to start something. This is called procrastination, and it must be handled – using the other tips listed.

6. Follow-up systems. We need some kind of follow-up systems for ensuring that things get finished. With proper follow-up systems old projects can be closed, or be put on hold.