Your Power Is Always In The Present

There is a desire within everyone to better their life. Many of us have been carrying these desires our entire lives, never getting close to realizing them. You came to overcome challenges and to enjoy the journey of life. Set your intention to achieve it. You are responsible. This is your vision for the future. This is the vision of your perfect life.

Eliminate the need to blame others, circumstances or your environment for your problems. If you take responsibility and accountability for your own life and circumstances you will release a tremendous power that currently lies dormant within you. You will release you infinite power and potential.

You no longer need to rely on others to “fix” you or your life. By trying to manipulate circumstances, environments or people you will always remain out of control. Your power has expression in the physical world through your decision or intention.

In personal development that single, and most important, step is accountability or taking full responsibility for your life. Your power is always in the present.