Working A Lot But Not Getting Anything Done?

Feel like your always working?  Don’t understand why you are not more productive?  Michael Hyatt has a great article about why this may be happening.  In 10 Reasons Why You Aren’t Done Yet he lists, you guessed it, 10 items that he realized was keeping him from getting things done.  Here is the short list.

  1. Too many meetings
  2. Mindlessly surfing the web
  3. Being distracted by online pings
  4. Allowing people to drop in without an agenda
  5. Being consumed by the urgent
  6. Being a perfectionist
  7. Refusing to delegate
  8. Not starting the day with a to-do list
  9. Not committing to an end time
  10. Not scheduling time to work

He goes into detail for each of these and provides some good real life examples.  Many of these hit home for me, as they probably with with you also.  You should also check out the comments which provide some additional insight.

I have been following Micheal’s blog for several years and recommend you put it on your must read list.