Roadblocks To Personal Development

road blocks
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Ayo Olaniyan has a interesting article about roadblocks we put up to avoid personal development.  The main ones that I can relate with the most include,

  1. Fear of the unknown
  2. No lasting commitment
  3. Continued exposure to negative thoughts
  4. Procrastination
  5. Distractions

He also lists several ways to overcome these barriers.

  1. Cut down on procrastination
  2. Monitor your progress
  3. Experiment with new things
  4. Build your self confidence
  5. Manage your time

There are several more roadblocks and ways to overcome them listed in his article and I recommend you go check it out.   I would recommend you go through each list and pick the top five you believe would be the easiest to make progress on.  Once you have your top five, choose one and work on it daily for a week.  After a week, add the second one and work on both of those each day for a week.  At the end of five weeks you will have accomplished more than you ever though possible.

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