One Chapter Ends…Another Begins

2009 was a difficult year for many.  The war continued, property rates went down, people were being layed off all over the place and the economy was in the tank.

Yes, there were many things that went wrong this year and I found myself focusing on them more than I wanted.  But, that’s ok because now is the time to reflect on what I have to be grateful for and plan for a better tomorrow.

No matter how bad it is for you, it will get better.  All you need is faith.  Faith in yourself.  Faith in your ability to overcome the obstacles of the past and those you will confront in the future.  I have faith in each of you.

Make a handwritten list of everything you are grateful for.  Take some time to really thing about it and make it a complete list.  Now read over each item, stopping to visualize why you are grateful and how it makes you feel.  Before you finish your list you will have an enormous feeling of gratitude and well being.  Remember how that feels.  When you are done, put the list in a safe place.

The next time you are feeling down, take the list out and review it.  You will get the same feeling as before.  Try it, it really works.