Office Etiquette Considerations

I am amazed at the continual lack of office etiquette that I see everyday.  This should not only be a required class in high school, but in college and part of every new employee training session.  Office etiquette will be different depending on the company and your job.  If it is not part of your new employee training, do yourself and everyone else a favor and request that it be included or provide it yourself.  You will save everyone a lot of grief and the new employee a lot of embarrassment. posted some office etiquette tips that are a good reminder of what you should remember.

  1. Don’t be late for work.
  2. Email etiquette including response time, overuse of Replay All and when you should use the blind carbon copy.
  3. Telephone manners including answering within 3 rings, length of calls and personal calls.
  4. When and how private visitors should be at work.
  5. Internet use
  6. Dress appropriately
  7. Plan your day to accomplish as much as possible
  8. Financial integrity
  9. Keep business relationships strictly business
  10. Don’t drink during the work day – not even at lunch

SO what do you think?  Do  you agree with all of these tips?  What are tips you would add?

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