How To Not Be Successful

This is John, he is my ex-boss!
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Everyone talks about what you should do to be a success, but seldom do people talk about what you should not do.  It was refreshing to find an article by Lorraine Pirihi that finally addresses this oversight.

I have learned more in my career and in life by observing what should not be done then I have from what should be done.  Here are the highlights.

  1. Set a poor example by not following what you have others do.
  2. Don’t invest in training yourself or others.
  3. Do everything in the moment, don’t plan for anything.
  4. Don’t exercise and eat a lot all the time.
  5. Spend your life at work.
  6. Ignore all customers.  If there is a problem they will let you know.
  7. Avoid making decisions or taking actions.  Things will just work out.
  8. Keep everything to yourself and don’t involve others in decisions.
  9. Let everyone interrupt you all day so nothing gets done.
  10. Don’t delegate anything, ever.


If you find yourself doing any of these, it’s time to take a step back and access your life.  More importantly, if you work for some who does more than a few of these items it’s probably time for you to think about an exit strategy and find a new job.  Life is way to short to have to deal with someone like this.

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