How Following TWAIN Can Improve Your Success

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Every wonder why some people are more successful than others?  Are they lucky? Do they have a secret that helps them be more successful?  Many will tell you the reason for their success is the habit they have. The habits you develop determine your level of success.

However, you don’t only need to develop new habits, you also need to break your bad habits.  You can break habits using the T.W.A.I.N. method.  The step-by-step is over at

Here are the high level steps.

1. Take Responsibility for All Your Habits

2. Write Down All the Bad Habits You Want To Break Free Of

3. Acknowledge the Benefits Those Bad Habits Bring For You

4. Identify Your Plan of Attack

5. Nag on One, Ignore the Rest

Many times success improves with each broken bad habit.  Focus on breaking one habit and replacing it with a new positive one and your level of success will improve.