Four Ways to Increase Your Productivity

It happens to everyone.  You know, the times when you just don’t seem to have as much energy or drive to complete your work.  The excitement is gone, your less productive and you don’t even feel good about the work you do complete.

There could be many different causes for this, but the good news is there are specific, precise ways to get past the ‘deep blue funk’.  Going through the steps listed below will increase your productivity and lift your spirits.

1. Get started.
The most important force we have is action.  Taking action, whatever it is, will make a big difference.  Procrastination will often drain our energy.  Lou Holtz, the ledgendary football coach said, “When all is said and done, there is a lot more said than done.”  Stop talking about it or thinking about it and get started.  Do something.  Do anything.  Get started!

2. Start small.
It’s normal to feel overwhelmed, especially if the project or task in front of us seems to be to big.  It’s possible the size of the project got us into this funk.  The actions steps we take don’t have to be large.  Break it down into small steps.  Take a small step, then another, then another.

3. Set a goal.
Now that you have started and your working small steps of the project, you can set a goal.  Based on what you have done you can set a realistic goal of finishing a specific part of the project or a time when the tasks will be completed.  If you wait to set the goal until after you have started and broken down the steps you will have more confidence in achieving your goal.  It’s hard to set a goal when you don’t even want to start or you don’t know the steps you are going to take.

4. Have a daily plan.
A big effort today is great, but if it isn’t followed up tomorrow you might find yourself right back where you started emotionally and psychologically. Consistently work on the task or project and you will find your energy and enthusiasm growing.   Have a daily plan and work that plan.

Going through each of these steps is not difficult or time consuming.  They will however, cause a net effect on your spirits and motivation level.  As you accomplish each step you will feel better about yourself and your work.