Do You Journal?

Recent studies suggest that you can significantly reduce stress if you write down your thoughts and feelings.  Fifteen minutes each day is all you really need. Since I am always under stress, this bit of information prompted my wife to purchase a leather journal for me to use, and the gesture was greatly appreciated. In fact, I felt less stress once I opened the present to find the thoughtful gesture.

The leather journal has a slightly weathered look that only real leather can provide.  The book has a built in book marker made out of a soft silky ribbon while the pages are lined with a delicate gold trim that adds a hint of style and richness.  While it is nice to be able to exercise my mind and unload my thoughts and feelings on a piece of paper, it is even nicer to be able to do it in style.

Fifteen minutes is all it takes, that is the beauty of this routine. This small amount of time that I dedicate to myself every evening makes all the difference in my life. I feel less stressed out after taking a few minutes to sort things out in my leather journal. The quality and beauty of the book seems to add to my relaxation. So does the idea that someone cared enough to make the investment in something of this high of quality.

The time I share with the leather journal has become very important to me. Some may argue that someone who spends all day at a computer would be able to fit a fifteen minute “me” break into their daily schedule. However, writing on the computer is very different than writing things out by hand. The tactile feedback I get from writing has a calming effect on me.  I also like the idea of having the book as a keepsake. It functions like a regular diary with more of an adult feel to it.  There is nothing more promising than a blank page in a leather journal.

Give yourself the gift of “me time” and get yourself a leather journal.

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