A Ritual Can Give You Power

Romuvan ritual fire
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There is a good article on The Power Of Ritual on the http://www.fitnesstrainergrange.com.au/ site.

I found this very interesting and true.

“Life is wasted in the in-between times.  The time between when your alarm first rings and when you finally decide to get out of bed. The time between making a decision and doing something about it. Slowly your day is whittled away from all the unused in-between moments. Rituals prepare our body and more importantly our mind for the next activity. ”

I couldn’t agree more with this.  If you add up all your ‘in-between’ times, you will be surprised with all the extra time you have.  Don’t buy into the myth that nothing can be done in 2 to 10 minutes.  Track and see for yourself.