8 Steps To A Jedi Mind

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If you are familiar with the Star Wars movies you know that a disciplined mind is a fundamental requirement to becoming a Jedi. While it sounds easy, it takes knowledge of what to do and practice.

Relax~Relate~Let Go has steps that will help anyone on their journey to having a Jedi mind.

1. Clean up the clutter around you. Keep the external distractions to a minimum.

2. Clear your mind of unnecessary worries.  Use daily meditation to stop unneeded worrying.

3. Talk back the the unconscious mind. Learn how to talk to yourself to create inner power.

4. Practice meditation. Start each day with a meditation session.  It will help set the tone for the day.

5. Strive for balance in your life. Make time for equal amounts of work and play.

6. Use visualization. Use your mind to help you accomplish your goals.

7. Reward yourself. Establish a reward system that is meaningful and will help keep you motivated.

8. Remind yourself of the pain of being undisciplined can cause you. We all live around either pain or pleasure. Learn to associate the habits that cause an undisciplined mind to pain. Keep the long term picture in mind so you don’t take the easy, short term way out.

Here’s a tip that always helps me.  Write the main points on a 3 x 5 card and carry it with you.  Refer to it throughout the day so the principles become second nature and as a reminder to perform each one.

OK, my young Jedi apprentice, begin your training and let me know when you have trained yourself to have a Jedi mind.

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