5 Ways To Improve Yourself

Young women jumping.
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I’ve been ‘collecting’ ways to improve yourself from many years.  One of the ways is by sharing.  I will be providing these tips in bite size posts so you don’t get overwhelmed and try to do them all at once.  Add your own tips in the comments.

1.  Read every day.  It can be a book, magazine or e-book.  It doesn’t matter.  The more you read, the more you learn.

2. Learn a new language.  This will take you on a journey by itself.  As you learn the language you will develop new skills and learn about a new culture.

3.  Start a new hobby.  Pick something you normally wouldn’t learn.  It will help you expand your awareness and stretch yourself, mentally, emotionally and depending on the hobby, even physically.

4. Take a course at a college or university.  This is a great way to learn something new and met others.  You don’t have to go full or even part time.  Take one class each semester.

5. Create an environment that inspires.  This could be a special place or even a room in your house.  Where isn’t important, as long as the place puts you in the mood to be inspired.