Volunteering Is A Privilege

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Have you ever considered volunteering but decided it just wasn’t worth it?  You have more important things to do with your time.  Besides, my time is valuable, I can’t just give it away.

Well if that has been your thought process then I have a couple articles you should read.  Brian Dodd On Leadership has an article called “10 Privileges Of Being A Volunteer” that you should read.  It is in two parts.  Here are the 10 highlights.

1.  Greater Purpose

2.  Greater Perspective

3.  Greater Relationships

4.  Greater Self-Image

5.  Greater Relief

6.  Greater Generosity

7.  Greater Choices

8.  Greater Thinking

9.  Greater Influence

10. Greater Reward

Read these articles and think about it the next time you are asked to volunteer.