Motivation By Following Simple Rules

les choses, les plus simples (revisited)
Image by Ferran. via Flickr

There is a good article on motivation over at .  It has a refreshing look at the simple things we can do to stay motivated. From the article:

“You can drag yourself up the same way you can drag yourself down. It is a choice you have to make every, single day. Whenever you are faced with this conflict of choices, bring with you these tiny nuggets of wisdom on motivation.”

It goes on to discuss,

  1. Have Faith In Yourself
  2. Choose Your Side Carefully
  3. Win The Debate With Yourself
  4. Remember What Matters And Hold Onto It
  5. Remember Your Passion
  6. Dream Big
  7. Compete With Yourself

We always try to make things much more complicated then they have to be.  Take a step back and simplify your life.  It may seem awkward at first, but give it time – it really is simple.