Is Self Improvement Necessary To Win At Life?

Self Improvement est. 1976
Image by gwen via Flickr

I ran across an interesting twist on motivating yourself that you don’t hear very often.  It’s not your step by step action plan but a higher level – remember why you are doing this – activity.

The Coaching for PErsonal Development site has an article called “Why Self-Improvement Motivation Is A Necessary Foundation To Win At Life

The best take away was:

“One of the better sources of effective, obstacle-leaping self-improvement motivation is to consider what you can do to help those you love. If you have children then this is an easier exercise. It is easy to look at your children and then to want to become a better person on their behalf.

Perhaps you have a spouse you want to take care of in a memorable way. No matter you particular situation, look them in the eye find out what their deepest needs are.”

If you have kids, this will probably be all the motivation you need.