Is Lack Of Motivation Normal?

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Motivation.  We here it all the time.  You need motivation for this and you need motivation for that… etc.  Why is this such a huge issue.  Is it a real issue or just part of the nature of man.  Steve Errey has a good article dealing with motivation called Beyond Motivation:  Getting to What Really Drives You.

While the article primarily deals with writing, it has many parallels to the rest of your world.  Here is the piece that stood out for me.

“Lack of motivation isn’t normal. Notice when you’re not motivated.
Don’t get used to it and teach yourself that it’s normal. It isn’t.

When your motivation starts to slip, you need to address it immediately.
It’s telling you something is wrong with the way you’re thinking about your work.”

It sounds simple enough, yet it is the exact opposite of what we are told.  Like me, I bet many of you constantly hear that lack of motivation is normal.  This article was pretty eye opening for me in challenging some long held beliefs.

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