Having Trouble Staying Motivated? It May Be Time To Review Your Goals

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We have all heard it, most of us have said it – often.  “If only I could get motivated.”  Motivation has become the cure for almost everything you want to accomplish.

I need to drop 50 pounds – I wish I was more motivated to diet and exercise.

I hate my job, it just sucks – I wish I was more motivated to find another job.

I, well I think you get the idea.  I was reading an article by Seth Czerepak that put an interesting perspective on motivation that I think everyone who is lacking in motivation should consider.

If you really lack motivation and nothing seems to inspire you to change then perhaps your not doing what you really want.  It’s easy to jump on the latest band wagon of change.  However, just because others are doing it doesn’t mean it is something you should do.  Long term lack of motivation could mean you just don’t want to change.  Stop beating yourself up and agonizing over why you can’t make the change and look for something else that you are motivated to change.  You can always come back to the original one later.

OK, some things you may not want to do, but you know you need to. So then what should you do?  How about change how you are viewing it?

Write down all of the reasons you are making a particular change. Then really think about each one.  What is the motivation you have for each reason?  If the motivation isn’t strong enough, then keep thinking of the reasons why the change will benefit you.  If your struggling, reverse it.  Think of the things that are most important to you.  How would accomplishing this change benefit these things. If it doesn’t, then maybe you don’t need to make the change.  If it does, well then I guess you found your motivation.

Seth also makes a good point regarding the power of motivation.  Don’t overestimate it.  Motivation will only work if you are following the path that you believe is right.  If you are going down a path that others want but deep down you know it is not the right thing for you, no amount of motivation will get you to take action.

We should all review our goals and the changes we are trying to accomplish on a regular basis to ensure they line up with the direction we are headed and what we believe is right.  Both our direction and what we believe is right will change over time.  If you have suddenly lost motivation, perhaps the thing to change is the goal.

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