Take Advantage Of Tuition Programs

I work with a person who has become very bitter.  They are in their 40’s and feel stuck in their current job.  Guess what, they are right.  They believe because of their experience with the company they should be able to be in one of the top positions.  While they don’t have the knowledge, skills or ability, they could have.

The company used to offer full tuition for a Bachelor and a Masters degree.  They even had the school come to the company to teach the classes.  This person started the Bachelor program several times over the years but always quit.  They were too busy.  I think they are beginning to realize that if they want to go any further they will need a degree.

While many people believe the only thing an employer is interested in is the piece of paper, I would disagree.  Having that piece of paper means you have at least been exposed to certain concepts that are needed as you move up the business ladder.  If you don’t think this is needed, try explaining a financial document to someone who doesn’t understand the difference between a debt or a credit or an asset and a liability.  It’s not fun.

I paid for all of my education and I’m still paying off the loans.  Was it worth it?  Absolutely.  Would it have been better if my employer paid for it?  Absolutely.  Education is the one thing no one can take away from you.  You can be several years older with a degree, making more money or you can be several years older and bitter.  It’s your choice.