Who Have You Encouraged Today?

Absolutely everyone has moments when they could use a little support or motivation by other people. Which means everyone is a prospect to be given encouragement from you.

Try to find someone you know who’s been frustrated or is going through a difficult time in life. Displaying an interest may be very encouraging. It does not matter if you have something that can be done to improve or fix the problem. The encouragement may help give hope that person knowing there’s a person that cares.

Look for somebody who has been a positive influence. You may look up to this person. I don’t think there will be any better way to be motivated than to hear from an individual that you were a huge help in some way. Your encouragement can help inspire that person to become a good influence on other people as he or she were for you.

Search for someone that’s putting in an awesome effort or doing an admirable job at something. It doesn’t need to be something you’re gaining some use from. You just have to see it and display an curiosity. Your encouragement will strengthen the activities of that person and may give her or him strength to try and do even greater things later on.

Plan to be an encouragement to more then one person today. Encourage that person in the discussions, write an encouraging letter, or help her or him somehow. You’ll discover yourself being encouraged at the same time through your gracious act.